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BPC has developed applications ranging from 3G windows applications, to full E enabled application suites.
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Support & Information
BPC provides extensive online support for its services and products including our widely refrenced, free and public "RiskWicki" which contains both documentation for our software products and extensive manuals and management consulting methods. Whether you are a client or not you are welcome.
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  • E-Business IT Strategy Planning
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  • Risk Management
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What is risk management?

"When packing your backpack in the hot sunshine always include gear for the storm"

Sir Ranulph Fiennes (Explorer)

BishopPhillips Consulting BishopPhillips Consulting


Our Service Ethic

BishopPhillips Consulting, is a well established growing, Australian software firm and advanced management science intellectual property incubater based in Collins St in, Melbourne. Closely allied with Acumen Alliance, BPC specialises in meeting the software and intellectual needs of clients in the areas of Project Management Technologies, Major Business Systems Development, Business, IT Strategy, E-Business Systems, Corporate Governance Systems, Process Re-engineering Technologies,Internal Audit Systems, Software Development, Intranets and Management Improvement Technologies and Systems.

BishopPhillips prides itself on achieving success for our clients by:

  • Working in close partnership with you over the long term to most effectively achieve your critical success factors.
  • Committing to the principles of easy, direct access to our most senior people.
  • Delivering to budget and agreed deadlines, maximising technology transfer and providing quality service as defined by you, not by our convenience.
  • Providing a highly qualified team of professionals, each with years of practical experience in their chosen areas of expertise.
  • Emphasising the highest professional standards of business ethics.
  • Continuously striving to improve the range, quality and cost effectiveness of client services to meet your ever changing demands.

When you acquire BishopPhillips technologies, you receive the best, most reliable software and the most advanced management methods available today. Whether it be software or management methods, our stuff works...and works the way you expect it to, anywhere in Australia, and in several locations world wide. You receive National Support in Australia through our exclusive resellers - Acumen Alliance, one of Australia's largest consulting firms, so you never have to worry about access, availability or expertise.

We invest significant resources in R&D to ensure you receive the latest concepts and methods. In fact, R&D is mainly what we do.

We look forward to serving you....

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BishopPhillips Consulting BishopPhillips Consulting