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BPC Canada markets and supports a range of software that can assist you to improve the governance of your organisation...
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Surveys & Analysis
BPC Canada (often in conjunction with major Universities) will regularly review the opinions of our clients and others on topical issues in the world of governance.

The results of the BPC sponsored Director's Personal Liability Survey performed by Simon Fraser University is now available. Click here to view the results.

What is risk management?

"When packing your backpack in the hot sunshine always include gear for the storm"

Sir Ranulph Fiennes (Explorer)

BishopPhillips Consulting BishopPhillips Consulting

Specialized Governance Reviews

BPC Director’s Risk Review

BPC Canada enables you as a Director to be comfortable that your personal liability exposures are well managed by the organization. We provide a review of indemnities, D&O insurance, purchase process, insurance administration and record keeping in the form of an audit report with recommendations for improvements. The report provides benchmarks to how comparable Canadian organizations are managing their director’s personal liability risks. The report also educates directors on insurance options and issues.

This report is completely independent of insurers, brokers and legal advisors as BPC neither sells insurance nor provides brokerage or legal services.

The risks that will be assessed by our review include:

  • Does the company have the maximum permitted indemnities, which are the first tier of defence, before even considering insurance cover?
  • Do Directors have appropriate D&O insurance protection comparable to similar Canadian organizations?
  • Are the annual application processes structured to obtain cost effective coverage while also reducing the chance that the insurer will deny coverage?
  • Have optional clauses and riders been properly considered to extend protection at reasonable cost?
  • Are staff sufficiently familiar with the policy’s administrative requirements to meet these obligations, and are all needed records being kept?
  • Are retiring directors and their estates protected?

BPC Director's Personal Liability Review

The D&O review process is designed to both gather the necessary information to be used as a basis for production of a report and to inform participants of the latest information pertaining to their personal liability. The process embeds notes explaining how issues are significant and provides relevant Canadian statistics.

Features of the process

  • A unique feature is that the Review is delivered ‘Online’ and the various stages are accessed via an email with a “click on” link back to the database. This allows us to offer this product at a very low cost as well as to accommodate the busy schedules of managers and Directors.
  • The survey questions asked of staff and directors have embedded notes so participants become better informed of the significant risk issues in this area.
  • There are four stages to the review:
    1. Planning meeting with the Board and key managers.
    2. Management Survey delivered on-line.
    3. Director’s Survey.
    4. Reporting to the Board with recommendations.

Governance Process

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Directors Personal Liability Review Process?

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