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BPC Canada markets and supports a range of software that can assist you to improve the governance of your organisation...
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Surveys & Analysis
BPC Canada (often in conjunction with major Universities) will regularly review the opinions of our clients and others on topical issues in the world of governance.

The results of the BPC sponsored Director's Personal Liability Survey performed by Simon Fraser University is now available. Click here to view the results.

What is risk management?

"When packing your backpack in the hot sunshine always include gear for the storm"

Sir Ranulph Fiennes (Explorer)

BishopPhillips Consulting BishopPhillips Consulting


A new player in the Canadian market place, BPC Canada brings with it a strong international history of providing Governance related consultancy and software to major corporations, government bodies, the higher education sector and small business operations.

Our Governance Consulting Specialities

Are you attempting to implement an enterprise risk management solution for your organization? We have the experience to help you achieve the results you seek. We specialise in providing the full range of risk management services and risk management software to a variety of organizations.

We Understand The Medium to Large Corporate Sector

In particular, we are well placed to assist Canada’s Large and Medium Scale Corporates with their risk management needs. Utilities, logistics and service corporations require both project and enterprise risk solutions. With a track record of providing both project and enterprise risk solutions in the corporate sphere, our consultants and software are ideally suited to corporate needs. Our risk management approach delivers both legislative compliance and strategic relevance so that your risk management function becomes an integrated part of, not just your governance operation, but also you strategic management and planning.

Real risk management is not just about fraud, compliance and infrastructure threats...real, living risk management is about the threats to achieving business performance forecasts, the likelihood of achieving planned strategic outcomes and an understanding of the factors which must be monitored to accurately forecast the impact of changed planning assumptions. Getting this right allows you to act early enough in the decision cycle to rectify and correct the problem. Our tools are particularly suitable for this type of thinking. Let us help you extend your risk management way beyond SOX.

We Understand The Higher Education Sector

Higher Education institutions with their risk management needs. Modern universities and colleges are complex organizations with a very wide spectrum of risks that must be addressed. Our repeated successes with Australian Universities and now Canadian institutions equip our risk management tools with extensive insights, which are directly built on the success of educational institutions in managing risk. Our tools are particularly suitable for educational institutions.

We Understand Director’s Personal Liability Concerns

Directors of companies and non-profits in Canada face personal risks that are in most ways more extensive than in the United States. The number, size and frequency of claims in Canada are rising rapidly. Surveys show that Canadian directors perceive that these risks will continue to get higher. We have developed a unique Director’s Risk Review product to help directors and officers get comfortable that their personal liability exposure is being managed prudently. We provide a detailed audit which is delivered quickly. This is done at moderate cost but provides a report which benchmarks how your risks are being managed as compared to similar Canadian organizations.

You may not be aware of or may not understand these as well as you require. You may assume but haven't checked that the organization has indemnities and insurance that provides you and your family with adequate protection. Are you sure? Would an independent review from a specialist make you more comfortable that you are not exposed to excessive or avoidable risks?

If you are a director, we can ensure that you ask the right questions of your management, broker and insurer to allow you to assess the magnitude of the risks associated with D&O liability. We can quickly and dramatically increase your awareness of D&O Insurance risks and we can do it for a very reasonable cost.

Our Software

A large factor in BPC’s success is our software development arm. We not only develop and market software to support our consulting activities but also build applications to meet the specific needs of our clients. BPC Canada’s software products licensed in Canada will be fully supported through our Vancouver office.

Our 'BPC RiskManager Suite' (software)

Exclusively distributed and supported within Canada by BPC Canada, BPC-RiskManager is used by some of Australia’s largest corporations, universities and government agencies to assist in actively managing their strategic and operational risks. It is our initial software product offering within the Canadian market. It includes scalability to thousands of users, end-user customisable reporting, internal very large scale survey support (enabling a complete solution from control/compliance to performance measure to risk measure tracking - eg control self assessment), fully compliant with international risk standards, workshop risk definition mode featuring one-screen risk/consequence/action definition, multiple risk models (including risk management and audit assessments), and lots more....

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