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BPC Canada markets and supports a range of software that can assist you to improve the governance of your organisation...
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Surveys & Analysis
BPC Canada (often in conjunction with major Universities) will regularly review the opinions of our clients and others on topical issues in the world of governance.

The results of the BPC sponsored Director's Personal Liability Survey performed by Simon Fraser University is now available. Click here to view the results.

What is risk management?

"When packing your backpack in the hot sunshine always include gear for the storm"

Sir Ranulph Fiennes (Explorer)

BishopPhillips Consulting BishopPhillips Consulting

“If you give people tools, [and they use] their natural ability and their curiosity, they will develop
things in ways that will surprise you very much beyond what you might have expected.”
Bill Gates ( Founder of Microsoft)

BPC RiskManager (tm)

Currently used by some of Australia’s largest corporations, universities and government agencies to manage their governance and operational risks, BPC-RiskManager is now available in North America.

Available in single user and enterprise versions, our BPC-RiskManager is designed and built in Australia by Bishop Phillips Consulting and is distributed and supported throughout Canada by BPC Canada

BPC’s University RiskManager is a specific version of the software for Universities.

Any of BPC Canada’s software products licensed in Canada will be fully supported through our Vancouver office.

Main Features

  • Fully complies with, and extends AS/NZS 4360:2004 Risk Management Standards (world leading risk management standard).
  • Available in 2 Versions:
    1. Lite V5 for Compliance and Risk - Single user and Enterprise.
    2. Heavy V6 for Compliance and Risk - Single user and Enterprise.
  • Pre-populated with specific Higher Education risk data.
  • Ability to document unlimited risks, consequences, controls and actions.
  • Fully configurable risk model – use your desired model and risk calculation approach.
  • Maintain multiple risk assessments for the one risk or control (e.g. business and audit).
  • Almost everything can be customized – labels, colours, even layout.
  • Interfaces with your business systems including Email, Microsoft Office and OLAP engines etc.
  • Built in reminder generators, issue escalation and tracking.
  • Document links – keep track of links to documentation for controls, remedies, incidents, issues, action plans, work plans, internet materials and even other applications.
  • Works across dial-up or high speed links.
  • Multiple, simultaneous, risk organization structures supporting geographic, functional, business unit, matrix or just about any preferred grouping structure.
  • Supports unlimited distributed risk owners, and assignable action responsibilities with end user update.
  • Full documentation of controls.
  • Specific section for Internal Audit.
  • Ability to record incidents against risk OR to automatically link with Incident Management applications (NB - requires configuration).
  • History of risk assessments over time is maintained.

Simple Interface to Enhance Usability

  • Single window data entry - all relevant risk data grouped on the one form, no hopping around windows to describe risk associations.
  • Multiple entry modes include wizards and customizable process flows.
  • Data entry screens tuned to user roles (e.g. Risk Owner v Action Owner).
  • Learns as you work - pop-up lists for previously entered data.
  • Can be customized to your desired look and feel.
  • Windows UI compliant – automatically reads your system settings.
  • Double click drill-down.
  • Built-in Report generator & query windows (or use your own).
  • Very, very fast...
  • Screen Shot of the Lite V5 main risk management screen
    Interface to Risk Manager

    Screen Shot of the Heavy V6 main risk management screen
    Interface to Risk Manager

    Risk Manager Screens

    Technology That Fits

    • Works with leading databases Oracle, SQL Server & Interbase.
    • Latest, advanced 3-Tier Application Server Architecture.
    • Industry standard Windows 98se/ME/NT/2000/XP compliant.
    • Web based IE and Netscape browser clients with instant data refresh.
    • Centrally published updates and on-demand client install.
    • Real time data update and external system interfaces.
    • Three built-in access security modes including NT Integrated Security.
    • Supports thousands of users and very, very large data volumes.
    • OLAP / Pivot Table reporting mode.
    • Plug-in expansion modules.

    Complementing the Risk Management Process

    At BPC Canada we don’t just sell risk management software.

    We have been providing the full range of risk management services to Australian Universities for over 10 years. Consequently, our software has evolved specifically and practically to support those services.

    In fact, our Risk Management software was largely developed with a leading Australian University (Deakin). The implementation of risk management within Deakin University won a Vice-Chancellor’s award for outstanding achievement.

    Risk Manager Process

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